A native of the central desert regions and another of Australia’s many and varied wild tomatoes, Passion Berries are a real sweet surprise.

This prickly ground cover has mid-green soft leaves,small, insignificant white to lilac flowers are often hidden in its tangled mass of creeping branches.

The amazingly sweet and aromatic fruit are generally 1-1.5cm in diameter and hang in great numbers right at soil level under the plant. The fruit are ripe when creamy yellow, and taste somewhere between banana, caramel and vanilla.

When the fruit fully ripen and dry, they fall off the plant, where they provide a delicacy for every small animal, bird or reptile that are attracted to the sweet fruit.

Passionberry Fig Jam makes an excellent addition to an afternoon tea with scones!

Passionberry, Fig and Pepperberry Vinaigrette

– swish 50ml of macadamia nut oil and 50ml pepperberry infused vinegar through the remains of the Passionberry Fig Jam jar

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