Mountain Pepper (Tasmannia lanceolata)
Tasmannia lanceolata (syn. Drimys lanceolata), commonly known as the Mountain Pepper (Aus), or Cornish Pepper Leaf (U.K.), is a shrub native to woodlands and cool temperate rainforest of south-eastern Australia

Dorrigo Pepper (Tasmannia stipitata)
Tasmannia stipitata, Dorrigo Pepper or Northern Pepperbush is a rainforest shrub of temperate forests of the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia.

Alpine Pepper (Tasmannia xerophila) native to the mountains of Tasmania. The fiery leaves get draped in snow in the winter and blasted by Antarctic winds which sweep the icy valleys where this tough plant grows. Alpine pepper can also be used in far more ways than just as a seasoning over cooked dishes.

Use it as a dry marinade on meats or add it to breads, batter and pastry as a herb mix. Excellent in salt and pepper squid.

Sprinkle over raw or cooked fruit or mix it into ice cream (particularly strawberry flavoured), yoghurt, cream cheese or custards. Generously season peeled and sliced bananas or pineapple pieces and pan-fry in butter and a dash of Macadamia oil until they just brown and soften. Serve with ice cream and a small cup of strong coffee.
Store chilled.

Add Ground Pepperleaf to olive oil for dressings and tapas platters. A small bowl of Ground Pepper placed in the centre of the table can be ‘pinched’ over soups and sauces.

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